Pikes Peak From a Window Seat (Art)

Yesterday, I took the Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway to – you guessed it – Pikes Peak. At the top, a passenger offered me a Kit Kat, and I really wanted to give them something in return. So I pulled out a sketchbook and tried to draw the view as quickly as I could:

sketch of Pikes Peak from a window seat in the cog railway station

They said they were french and didn’t speak English very well, so I’m guessing they live outside of the USA. Based on this guess, I’m going to assume this means my art has now (or very soon) gone international.

I want to get into art more, and the idea of giving away sketches to random people I meet sounds like fun, so I hope to continue. As for the title, there’s another piece of art from a window seat I’ve enjoyed a lot.

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